Todd Walk graduated from Edinboro University in 1983. He worked as a business manager until 1992 when he became a self-taught artist. The first three years he started with original pastels that were sold to small galleries and frame shops. Todd married his wife Melanie in 1996 and started selling his artwork at art shows along the East Coast. He has three teenage daughters; Maddie, Jordan and Cassie. In 2010, Todd started to work together with Richard Kelly when they created small art pieces with his pastels and using Rich’s graphic design background.

Todd’s artwork made a major change in the beginning of 2015. All of their art is now screen printing ink onto canvas. The first pieces were traditional three and four color screen prints, now the work is created far outside the box. All the larger pieces have ten to twenty layers to create complex textures and styles of paints and inks. Screens are used occasionally but held loose over the canvas and flooded with ink. Palette knives, sponges, rollers and brushes are used to create original one of a kind pieces.